Before you scoff at that headline, consider just how much misery a guy like me endures when he goes to vote.  If you've listened to me at all, you have a pretty good idea where I stand politically; about 10 degrees right of Attila the Hun on most issues.  I'm a big advocate for small federal government, period.  The less you have in your life, the better (and more private) your life will be. But some of the crap I've heard, even AT the polls, makes me want to be stumbling drunk.

I decided to stop by the Home Depot to take care of business-vote early, vote often-that's my motto!  I'm walking around, looking for the polling area, and I stop to ask for help.  Out of the corner of my eye I see this guy looking at me.  I did not know him personally but clearly he's recognized me somehow.  "Hey, aren't you one of those guys on the morning show on 1290?"  "Yes I am", I replied.  "You guys have got Obama all wrong, you know that?"  At that moment, I knew I was being baited.  As I tried to pry myself away and head for the polls, he follows, talking, lecturing me really, on why I'm so wrong.

I'm not an idiot.  I know not to violate the "100 foot" rule.  There's no way this left-wing nut was going to force me into that.  So I stopped and I listened.  For 5 or 6 solid minutes, I listened.  Had I just done exactly what he wanted me to do?  Uh....yup!  I asked him if he'd ever called in to the show.  He said he had not.  No kidding?  After this brief but exhausting encounter with one of the Bam Bam Kool-Aid Kids I really felt like I needed a drink, or a Valium, or something!  My head was pounding from listening to this dribble about how it was....all together now....all Bush's fault.  That drum has just been beaten to death!

I thought I'd heard it all.  I thought I'd heard the most ridiculous assertions as to why Barack Hussein Obama is the greatest thing since the wheel.  Then, after I returned to work, I found this link in an email from a listener.  Ladies and gentlemen, if THIS crap is representative of the Obama base, Mitt should be a shoe in.  Beyond stupid barely touches it.  We all remember Larry Flynt, don't we?  Larry Flynt, pornographer extraordinaire.  This idiot is so devoid of any sense, logic or reason that I'll bet his shadow is ashamed of him.  He has a right to take all the dirty pictures he wants.  But the troll needs to stay away from politics.  Even Obama's "intelligent" supporters should look at this as the ultimate anti-endorsement.  And not only does he gush over Bam Bam, but he explains why religious people need more salt.  Here's the whole, sad, sick pile of slop from the Weekly Standard.  I'm sure the interviewer is undergoing therapy at this very moment.  You might want to pour yourself a shot of bourbon first.