Picture this, you're walking down the street in New York City, masked and properly distancing yourself from the others nearby, and Mario and Luigi zoom past in their karts.


It happened! A couple Mario and Luigi lookalikes grabbed some karts and took to the streets and sidewalks of the Big Apple. Along the way they stopped for pizza, tossed out banana peels to cause the other to spin out, and generally had a good time raising eyebrows and smiles everywhere they went.

According to the New York Post the real life Nintendo game was the brainchild of Caleb Simpson. He's the one dressed in red and blue as Mario in the video. His pal, Irving Salazar played Luigi.

The costumes and karts were purchased through Amazon. The karts were tricky, they had to have special karts that would only go 15 mph or less, anything  faster might bring them face to face with the wrath of New York's finest, one of which actually stops Mario in Times Square in the video. That was not a scripted event, the police were stopping everyone and checking IDs for some reason. Fortunately they let the brothers motor on. Apparently costumed adults driving electric karts isn't all that unusual on the streets of New York.

Public reactions to the stunt were overwhelmingly positive. One exclaiming on social media that they just saw Mario and Luigi kart down their street, another wanted his own kart to drive.

Caleb says the whole thing was done to push a little positivity into the world and maybe make a few people laugh. It appears they were successful.

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