Take a look at that picture of the Dallas skyline above. One of those structures is not like the other. As a kid on my visits to Dallas, I called it The Ball. The proper name of that interesting structure in Dallas is Reunion Tower. It has been apart of Dallas since 1978.

What Can You Do at Reunion Tower?

There's something called the Geo Deck which has become a popular field trip for Dallas area kids. They will host all sorts of events on here. It looks like it has also become a popular engagement spot for couples and they even offer a date night package with champagne. So you can pop the question and get your own bottle to mark the occasion.

New Restaurant Opening Soon?

For years, Wolfgang Puck had a restaurant in Reunion Tower. It opened back in 2009 and it was so cool because the restaurant actually revolved around the tower. So you got to experience every view of Dallas. It's pretty cool that this iconic Dallas structure had this going on inside.

Sadly the Wolfgang Puck restaurant closed its doors back in 2020. Thanks Covid! For the past several years, the restaurant area has sat abandoned. However, someone new is ready to take over!

Crown Block in Reunion Tower

Opening up on Monday April 17th, Crown Block will be taking over the restaurant space in Reunion Tower. It will feature steaks, seafood, and sushi. The restaurant will not rotate like the old one, but the owners say there is not a bad seat in the house. If you're interested in planning a date night in Dallas, reservations are highly encouraged.

May need to save a little bit of cash to check this place out, but you can't beat that view.

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