It has been awhile since we have seen Saliva in the Falls and the band will look a little different from their last visit here.

Saliva really hit it big back in 2001 when they dropped their second album 'Every Six Seconds'. Which featured such hits as 'Your Disease' and 'Click Click Boom'. Throughout the 2000's and 2010's, Saliva continued to put out records with tons of hit songs. Like 'Always', 'Ladies and Gentleman', and 'Badass' to name a few.

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The last time we saw Saliva in Wichita Falls was all the way back in 2008, when they were on tour with Sevendust, Neverset, and Overscene. Since that time, the band has seen a lot of changes in the lineup. In fact, if you went to that 2008 show, the only member still with the band is guitarist Wayne Swinny.

The band will be returning to Wichita Falls to play at The High Dive on October 7th. Which is a Friday by the way, so no excuse not to miss out on a bad ass show in the Falls. Tickets are not on sale yet, so keep an eye on The High Dive's Facebook page for when they go on sale to not miss out.

Over the summer, Saliva dropped a new song 'Crows' which did pretty good on rock radio. The band actually reunited with their former front man Josey Scott just about a week and a half ago at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival for a few songs, you can watch that here.

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