If there's one thing you know you'll see on the day after Independence Day, it's pictures and videos of fireworks displays. While most of these are grainy cell phone images posted on your friends' Facebook pages, there's some that actually are worth looking at. This is one of those.

Chicago's historic WGN TV has a camera on top of the Sears Tower that looks out over most of the city. The iconic building (which actually changed it's name to the Willis Tower in 2009) was the tallest building in the world from it's completion in 1974 through 1998. Prior to the 2014 completion of One World Trade Center in New York, it was the tallest building in America. At 110 stories, it towers over everything else in Chicago.

Last night, that WGN camera picked up a pretty awesome scene. As fireworks displays were happening around the same time in many neighborhoods and suburbs of the Chicago area, the view from 1,451 feet up was able to see them all. WGN posted the video on their Facebook page this morning and put all your friends fireworks videos to shame. Check it out for yourself and get a view of the Fourth of July unlike any other.