What's actually worse, the sound of a baby crying; piercing through your ears and disturbing all your emotions, or this slowed down, monster like sound? We can thank Kelly McKernan Cavanah for bringing this thought to our heads. She originally posted this video on Facebook of her daughter, Penny, crying with the caption, "I challenge anyone to find a better use of the slo-mo camera function."

In the comments, many people came to the attack. Saying that Kelly should be taking care of the baby and making it stop crying instead of shoving a camera in it's face. Kelly had a reply for all the haters:

Before anyone assumes I am neglecting my child, I'mma drop some knowledge: Babies cry! They cry a lot. And sometimes, no matter what you do, they still cry. And it's horrible, but you both have to power through it. For me, maintaining my sanity as a new mom requires humor. And this, to me, is hilarious. Penny was fine. We're all fine.

Disregarding any personal debate about what to do with a crying child, one thing is perfectly clear. When you slow down the sounds of those cries, it's something that will haunt your dreams.

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