No, this has nothing to do with talking on your cell phone while driving. Apparently, holding your phone to your ear could actually be hazardous to your health. A report which was allegedly 'leaked' to the public suggests that cell phone radiation can lead to health issues, including cancer.

The two page document, however, is marked with the words 'Draft and Not for Public Release'. Joel Moskowitz, Ph.D., director of the Center for Family and Community Health at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health, filed a lawsuit against the state of California back in 2016 to get the document released under the California Open Records Act.

The study has been criticized as not being supported by science.  CBS reports that scientific studies do support some of the claims. Some health officials recommend that you keep your phone as far from your head as possible by using a headset, for example. They recommend children be greatly limited in their use of cell phones and that no one should sleep with their cell phone near their head.

Cell phones and health

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