It's hot, no doubt about it.  We're headed for 107 degrees today.  My heart goes out to anyone who does not have air conditioning.  Everyone is beginning to grumble about the heat, but this is really not all that bad.  I was here in the summer of 1980.  I was a kid and the hot weather was fun for a while.  Back then, starting in June, we suffered 42 straight days above 100 degrees, including a record of 119 degrees, the second highest temp ever recorded in Texas.  You could literally fry an egg on the sidewalk.  You couldn't water your lawn, wash your car or even let the kids play under the sprinklers.  I remember my grandmother complaining that she couldn't turn off the window unit air conditioners in her house and that electric bill was going to be $50 at the rate things were going!  So as hot as it may seem, it could be much worse.  Just keep drinking water, get into the cool house when you can and be thankful that you can, at least for now, still play under the sprinkler.