Last week, I asked you if Romney's choice for VP would have an impact or whether or not you voted for him.  The choice has been made-Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan has gotten the nod and now it's game on.  The election machine will be full steam ahead from now to November and it looks like it's going to get ugly.

Personally, I can't wait for the October 11 VP debate.  Rumor has it Joe Biden has already sent one of his aides out to a D.C. bookstore to purchase 'Debating for Dummies'.  If he starts now, he should be able to finish the book about half an hour before game time.  Romney/Ryan are going on the offensive and Obama/Biden have no game plan.  But this is not a slam-dunk for Romney/Ryan.  Keep in mind, there are still people in this country who strongly support BHO.  Anyone who's paid attention to the past three years certainly should not, but some do and some will.  Republicans, wake up!  You can still lose this election.

But who is Paul Ryan?  What do you know about him?  How do you and I get to know this guy a little better? Taking a look at his voting record is a good place to start. He is, in most respects, and ideological conservative.  His deconstruction of the perils of Obamacare before a House committee gives you a little insight into what he can do on the public stage.  Check out the video and take our poll at the bottom of the page.




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