When it comes to surfing culture, Dallas is not a city you think of. However, folks in Big D could make it a new hobby in a couple of months.

Ever Heard of Good Surf?

Yeah, me either. Apparently this company specializes in those awesome surf pools. You may have seen one of them aboard a cruise ship or at a water park. They look like this.

Basically ensuring you the perfect wave at all times. Well this experience will be opening up in Deep Ellum at some point in early 2024 (They're shooting for a March opening). The good news is that if you don't want to surf, they will still have plenty for you to enjoy. It will be a full bar, restaurant, and have a sand volleyball court as well.

Here is the Layout for Good Surf Opening in Dallas

The Good Surf website doesn't really have a lot to go on price wise. I am not sure what it will cost for you to hop on a board and enjoy some surf time. I would love to go check this place out once it opens, but only to people watch. I will gladly enjoy a beer and watch folks just face plant into the water (let's be honest, it's going to happen to some folks).

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This sounds like a great place for folks in Dallas to go cool off during the summer, so we will see prices of everything once they officially open up next year. I will at least partake in some food in some beers, no one once to see me attempt to surf.

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