Recently someone made the comment to me about, "How come a Hooters like restaurant doesn't exist with guys dressed up?" did. The ladies just didn't support it.

Looking Back at the Short Lived Tallywackers in Dallas

I like to remind people that an all male Hooters like restaurant once existed because I always hear the same complaints from ladies all the time. Why don't we get something like this? Well ladies, you had one right here in North Texas over in Dallas. Tallywhackers was the all male Hooters restaurant. Hooters has been categorized as a breastaurant, Tallywhackers was known as the first chestaurant.

Featuring such menu items as the abb-tizers, S&M Burger (Swiss and Mushroom), and the ultimate end to any meal The Tallywacker Sundae complete with a full banana. Nice to know some of you ladies were thrown out of Tallywackers for groping the men. No touching ladies, Tallywackers stressed this is not a strip club.

Will Something Like This Ever Open Again?

Ladies you have to stop complaining about a non-female equivalent restaurant to Hooters. This place barely stayed open a year, the owner said they were not closing, just moving to a new location. I think I can safely say at this point Tallywackers is dead. So if you think that an all male Hooters could succeed. Best of luck, Tallywackers tried to make it happen for you ladies, but you let it die a cold death alone and shirtless.

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