Time to start bathing in bug spray again. 

The Zika virus has been in the news a lot recently in Central America, South America, the Caribbean and Brazil. Over one million cases have been reported in those countries and people are worried about it spreading to America. The Dallas County Health Director has now confirmed that several women have the virus now.

Before you start going into a panic over the mosquitoes. None of these women got bitten here in America. According to the reports, they were bitten while traveling abroad or having sexual relations with someone that had the virus. The city is worried about these women getting bit by a mosquito and then having the virus travel.

The virus carries symptoms such as fever, joint pain and red eyes. Among the birth defects that are related to Zika is microcephaly, which leads to abnormally small heads in newborn babies.

Doctors say it's safe for women to wear your normal bug spray while pregnant and they urge to wear it every day.

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