I really used to believe that the ballot box was the perfect term limit for any politician.  If someone’s not doing the job the way we feel they should, vote ‘em out!  But today, older, wiser and more politically aware than I’ve ever been, I now realize that just isn’t sufficient.  Too many voters choose not to take part in the process.  And frankly, it appears that the longer one of these politicians hangs around Austin or Washington, the more it discourages good people from stepping up to make a run.  After all, the incumbent has the advantage of name recognition and, usually, a pretty sizable war chest.  So what are we to do?  Clearly, mandated term limits are the only viable answer.  Serving in an elected office is supposed to be about service to ones constituency, to ones community, state or nation.  It should not be a lifetime career.  George Seay (pronounced ‘see’) is the volunteer chairman for the non-profit Texans for Term Limits.  Mr. See joined us on “The Rise and Shine Show” on Wednesday to talk about legislation currently going to a vote in the Texas House on a possible constitutional amendment dictating just such limits.

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