Scary scene at a Texas carnival this week.

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Who doesn't love when the carnival is in town? Get some good food, ride some cheesy rides. It's all in good fun. Sadly though one carnival in Texas this week almost had a nightmare scenario on their hands. The video said it's from Groves, Texas and I actually tracked the exact carnival.

Groves Pecan Festival

If you scroll through the photos above, you can actually see the exact ride that the worker got stuck on. I can't see the name of the ride, but it's supposedly called "The Bullet". It has two carts that go around in a giant circle. According to the folks that posted the video, the ride at it's peak is about thirty feet in the air.

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So What Happened?

Living in Texas, we all know that high winds can be a problem on certain days. It looks like a gust of wind had so much force on this day it actually sent the ride into the air at the same time a child was getting off the ride. A worker happened to be holding on to the door at the same time. The worker was able to secure the door to make sure the young girl aboard was not injured, but this also caused him to go flying into the air. He was able to hold on for several minutes until someone could get the ride moving again.

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Thankfully no one was severely injured during the incident. According to USA Today, the carnival worker did receive some cuts from holding on to the ride with such force. Many are saying if this guy didn't do what he did, the young girl aboard could have gone flying out at the time. Get this dude a medal.

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