Looks like the kid has been forced to wear a hearing aid since the incident, so it looks to be very day.

Looks like Reyes' family out of San Antonio went on a road trip back in 2020. Traveling a long distance with a teenager, what are they going to do to pass the time? Scroll through stuff on their phones with their headphones in. Looks like the Reyes' 14-year-old son was watching a video at a reasonable volume when all of the sudden, an Amber Alert came in.


We all know how loud they can be, but this thing came in at full blast right into the teenager's ear. He started complaining right away that something was wrong. That night he didn't feel good and they went to the hospital. Doctors say he was battling vertigo. Doctors treated his inner ear with steroid shots, but could not restore his hearing.


It has been two years since the incident and the kid still can't hear out of his right ear. He was only wearing one airpod at the time of the Amber Alert. Family attorneys argue the Apple products are defective and dangerous, since they do not automatically adjust notifications' volume.


To bolster their case, plaintiffs cite numerous AirPods users who've asked for similar fixes on Apple's community forum. Apple has not released a statement on the lawsuit. I do not use an iPhone or Airpods so I don't know what it sounds like when a notification comes in. Apparently the Airpods are different than using other headphones or earbuds when notifications come in. Users say they're much louder with Airpods compared to anything else.

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We will see Apple makes changes to the settings and hopefully this family gets some compensation since their son will probably have to wear a hearing aid the rest of his life it sounds likes.

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