Heartbreaking news for the animals and the kids raising them.

I have to be honest, before moving to Texas, I had no idea what FFA was. I now know it stands for Future Farmers of America and kids take part in this while in school. Looks like the Aldine School District has their own barn which students can keep animals at as they prep them for the shows throughout the year.

The day before the big show, people came in to get the animals ready and were shocked to find some of them dead. The barn was holding pigs, lambs and turkeys. The only animals harmed in the attack were the turkeys. Sixteen of them to be exact, were found stabbed to death. The Aldine ISD released the following statement on the situation.

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“Aldine ISD is aware that two Aldine High School FFA students’ livestock projects were attacked overnight prior to the start of the district’s FFA Livestock Show, which is scheduled to begin today. The Aldine ISD Police Department is currently investigating this incident and security measures have been put in place to protect other students’ projects. We are deeply saddened for the students whose projects were destroyed as they have worked for almost a year to raise their projects and this senseless act has denied them their opportunity to reap the benefits of their hard work. We will use all of the resources we have to identify the person or persons responsible.”

I'm just saying, if you find out these turkeys were killed because someone was trying to win in the show, you need to charge them to the fullest extent of the law. We will see if the police or school district finds who was responsible for this. I am sure those two students who had their animals killed want answers.

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