You can generally tell the general public's biggest complaints about something by searching "Why is _____ so ...." and seeing what Google finishes your search with.

For example, if you search "Why is Trump so ..." Google suggests "Why is Trump so popular?" "Why is Trump so orange?" "Why is Trump so ugly?" "Why is Trump so mean?" "Why is Trump so dumb?"

So using this tactic, I sought to find out what Google suggested for as many Texas cities as I could get it to provide autocompletes for, and then created a map of the Lone Star State with the results.

When you search "Why is Texas so ..." Google suggests: Big, racist, cheap, hot and Republican.

As for Texas' cities, Google's suggestions range from "Why is Wichita Falls so hot" to "Why is Beaumont so sad?" to "Why is Dallas so rich?"

Check out Texas, according to Google's autocomplete suggestions, in the map above.

Why is Texas So

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