Back in the day, I am sure these laws served some sort of a purpose. I have no idea why they're still on the books.

Every state has some stupid law that is still on the books. Technically, you could receive a punishment for breaking these certain laws. For instance, in Alabama, owning confetti is illegal. A bottle rocket firework is legal in Alabama, but confetti equals punishment.

How about this one, in Delaware, it is illegal to go trick or treating on a Sunday. So if October 31st falls on a Sunday, trick or treating is supposed to take place on a Saturday. Sorry little Billy, don't you even think of going outside in your batman costume on the Sabbath.

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Here's a good one, in Mississippi, you're only allowed to have one child out of wedlock. If you knock someone up again, you could be charged with a misdemeanor and could face a month of jail time or a fine of up to $250. WHAT?!

Every state has something stupid like this and Texas is not immune to stupidity. I am sure someone in your life thinks they're the perfect citizen, but I GUARANTEE they have broken at least one of these laws. Check out the stupidest laws still on the books in Texas below.

Dumbest Laws on the Books in Texas

Be careful you don't do any of the stuff mention on this list in Texas. They're all illegal. Seriously.

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