One man showing support for the police has caused quite a stir in his Texas neighborhood. 

Rodney Ivester live in Corinth, Texas. He has always had an American flag in the front of his house. A couple weeks ago he decided to add another one. It's black and white with a blue stripe on it. The flag shows support for law enforcement and Rodney hung it up to remember the lives of the officers that were shot in Dallas.

Well, Rodney received a letter from the Oakmont Country Club Estates' property owner’s association. It turns out that someone had complained about the pro-police flag and it had to come down. They accused him of violating a covenant.

“No noxious or offensive activity shall be undertaken on the property, and nothing shall be done which is or may become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood,” they wrote in bold letters.

He was given explicit instructions: “Please remove the altered American flag from your property and store out of public view.” Rodney is currently in talks with the homeowners association to find out exactly what rule he is breaking by having this flag up. Rodney has kept the flag up and is potentially facing fines of up to $100 per day.