Texas has been enjoying a “fake spring” over the last few days. As nice as it has been, you and I both know it’s probably not going to stick around. 

And the thing about spring in this neck of the woods is that when it finally does arrive, it doesn’t stick around for long. We Texans like to joke about the two seasons we have here – hot and cold. 

Speaking of the “cold” season, we most likely haven’t seen the last of it. The chances are good that we will have at least one more freeze here in the Lone Star State. And it seems like it almost always happens right around Easter here in North Texas.

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But Texas is a huge state. The climate is much different down south near the Rio Grande than it is here along the Red River. 

When will Texas have its last freeze? 

According to the Texas Weather Guide, the last freeze will most likely occur on April 25 in Dalhart. No surprise there. Folks in the Panhandle have to endure the state's coldest temperatures. 

In other not-so-shocking news, much of the southern part of the state has already experienced the last freeze of the year. 

Keep in mind that these dates are based on yearly averages. So, there’s a chance the date of the actual last freeze could be wildly different.  

I mean, this is Texas we’re talking about. The weather here is notoriously unpredictable.

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