Congratulations, you lasted a little over a month. 

Dan McQueen was the mayor of Corpus Christi, Texas. Dan was sworn in on December 13, but he resigned yesterday on the 18th of January. Guess Dan couldn't handle the pressures of the job. Just two days into being mayor, a leak from a chemical plant tank contaminated the Gulf Coast city's water supply.

Dan was also being investigated by the local media as to how he won the election. Many people were shocked when McQueen won the mayoral race. McQueen has been losing it when it comes to talking about the press. "POLITICS — Do I Sell NEWS for Bad Media or Do I FIX the City issues? ... It will STOP when MONEY STOPS paying for the BAD, DESTRUCTIVE media. ... I will not work for the PRESS" he put on Facebook.

McQueen put his resignation on his Facebook page. "In the past 35 Days, I have been attacked by council as being sexist, racist and continue to fight attacks from Media and the public," he wrote Monday morning on Facebook before his page was deactivated at about 4 p.m. CT. "I just don't see the VALUE in this fight for 600 more. I had so much HOPE for our city."

Since more than a year remains in McQueen's term, a special election will likely fill the position. At least one former councilman already has said he will run for the position during a special election.

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