Seinfeld super fans, make a road trip to check this out.

It's Almost Time for Festivus

The holiday that we all learned about from Frank Costanza (R.I.P.) is still making an impact all these years later. Looks like a restaurant called The Hayden will be hosting a Seinfeld night with some very cool promotions going on.

Festivus in Texas!

The Hayden wants to go all out for Festivus. Now technically the holiday is December 23rd, but The Hayden will be celebrating on December 14th. Here is what they have planned.

Best Dressed Costume


Come dressed as your favorite Seinfeld character. Believe me, it's worth it. You will get 50% off your meal. Even if you don't win the costume contest, you still get a discounted meal with your costume.

Seinfeld Trivia


Obviously if you're going to this, you're Seinfeld superfan and now you can test your trivia knowledge. A game will be taking place that night during dinner to see who knows the most about Seinfeld.

Yes...An Airing of Grievances Will Take Place


Check Out the Full Announcement Below

We will wait and see how successful this night goes. Would love to see more Festivus celebrations popping up across Texas.

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