“Oh Yeah? Well, The Jerk Store Called. They’re Running Out Of YOU!”

It's crazy how some stuff in 'Seinfeld' just doesn't translate to a kid today. I am sure an eight-year-old in 2023 doesn't know what developing your pictures means, but that was a key piece to an episode of 'Seinfeld' back in the day. If you don't know the famous George underwear picture, check out the clip above.

Good News, This Iconic Picture is Now Immortalized in a Fort Worth Bathroom

Am I just going to ignore the Joey toilet stall since I like 'Seinfeld more than 'Friends'? Yes...yes I am. George Gostanza himself shared the photo on his Twitter this week. By the way, someone clearly taking a dump in one of those stalls. I SEE YOUR FEET SIR!

I'm Surprised This Was Not His Reaction


Where is This Iconic Bathroom at in Fort Worth?

So the person that shared the picture with Jason Alexander just said this is in a Fort Worth bathroom. Which I can assume the city of Fort Worth has many bathrooms, so let's try to narrow it down. Based on a Reddit Post it looks like this is located at Flying Saucer in Fort Worth. I literally can't find anything from Flying Saucer that it's there. So I called the bar. Yes, I had to know.


According to the girl who answered the phone, she had no idea what I am talking about. She said a mermaid was in the bathroom? I don't think George could be confused with a mermaid so I don't think this is at Flying Saucer in Fort Worth. Even though all I can find is Flying Saucer in Fort Worth online. WHERE IS THIS BATHROOM INTERNET PLEASE HELP!

Second Rodeo Brewing in Fort Worth?

Alright check it out, this is the woman's restroom at Second Rodeo Brewing in Fort Worth. THIS HAS TO BE THE PLACE! The men get George, ladies get Burt Reynolds. So let's go to their website. HOLY S*** THEIR WEBSITE HAS A VIDEO AND GUESS WHO I FOUND!

Second Rodeo Brewing Website
Second Rodeo Brewing Website

I GOTCHA COSTANZA! So if you want to go take a dump with George, this is your place. Second Rodeo Brewing in Fort Worth.

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