A lot of folks when they see a line out the door will just eat somewhere else. However, these places are worth sitting in line for.

Franklin Barbecue (Austin)

Without a doubt, the most notorious line in Texas. Franklin Barbecue in Austin has people lining up at 7AM when the restaurant doesn't open til 11. Yeah, it's like Black Friday at Best Buy, but instead of getting a good deal on a TV. You're getting some delicious Texas BBQ. If you decide to just show up? Be prepared to wait at least two hours according to many folks online.

Blue Bonnet Cafe (Marble Falls)

This restaurant actually has a whole section dedicated to their wait time on their website. They say if you see a line out the door (which happens a lot here) they can typically get you sat in 15 to 20 minutes. This is a popular weekend destination for a lot of folks, so be prepared to wait longer on a Saturday or Sunday.

Snows BBQ (Lexington)

This place is a madhouse for one reason. They're open only on Saturdays. People love this place, but can only get it once a week. Which leads to people lining up at 6AM when they don't open til 8AM. The restaurant closes when they run out of food (which they do every week). Average wait time is 45 minutes.

City Market (Luling)

This one doesn't have people waiting outside at 6AM, however they get hit hard during a lunch rush. Average wait is 45 minutes with a line out the door. It's not the biggest capacity, which causes the longer wait time.

Killen's Barbecue (Pearland)

This place has three locations, but apparently the Pearland one gets the busiest. However, this restaurant may have the greatest wait time policy ever. According to someone on TripAdvisor, you get free beer while you wait? Typical wait time during peak hours is 1.5 hours. You give me some free beer and I will wait all day for your delicious food.

Pecan Lodge (Dallas)

This is the closest one to me and I will need to try it one day. Apparently they're very efficient with getting their line moving, but the line is typically out the door. Average wait time is twenty minutes just to order your food and then another 25 waiting for it.

Home Slice (Austin)

This place has two locations in Austin, but the one on South Congress Avenue is interesting. It has a to go window on the other side of the building. So if you just want to grab a slice, go hit that up. If you want to sit in the restaurant and eat, be prepared to wait twenty minutes to an hour depending on what time you go. They're open til 2AM.

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