An investigation is currently underway as to what allegedly went down at a high school basketball game on Friday night.

A post went viral on Reddit, that has since been deleted, claiming to be of a group of fans at the City View and Bowie basketball game. A group of fans who apparently cheered for Bowie were in the crowd dressed as a watermelon and banana. Spectators say in that group of fans someone was making monkey noises towards the players on City View.

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According to KAUZ, City View Superintendent Tony Bushong confirmed that he and other WFISD coaches spoke with Bowie officials at multiple points during the game, asking them to take care of the matter. The Bowie officials reportedly replied that students frequently wear the costumes to athletic events.

Since the post has gone viral, Bowie ISD released the following statement to KAUZ on the situation. Bowie ISD is aware of the allegations circulating on social media regarding events at a recent basketball game. First and foremost, Bowie ISD condemns racism and discrimination of any kind in the strongest terms possible, and we take allegations of this nature very seriously. The District is conducting a thorough investigation and will take any appropriate actions to ensure that other teams feel safe when competing against our District. As the investigation is still ongoing, and due to student confidentiality laws, the District will have no further comment on this matter at this time.


The post in question from Reddit has been screen shotted several times before it was deleted. Here is what it said in full above.

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