I am bored and that means I put my imagination to work in another Texoma High School battle!

In case you have not read my previous battles, I will put them below our most recent ones. Before, I have always focused on the Texas counties, even though I call it a Texoma battle. I think it's time we show Oklahoma some love. I focus on three counties in my latest post. Tillman, Cotton, and Jefferson county.

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Those are three that border our area and I think they have some interesting choices up there. You do have some overlap when it comes to the mascot names and then it looks like some mascots have very similar logos. Let me know what you think and if anybody has information on the Davidson Sandies, I would love to know.

Getting pretty close to running out of Texoma counties for a mascot battle. Basically, we have Comanche and Stephens for Oklahoma and Jack and Montague for Texas. That would be pretty much it for our listening area. I literally have no idea what high schools are in those areas. So maybe in a couple of weeks I will do some research and give you our final Texoma High School mascot battles.

By the way, if you went to any of these high schools. Just remember, it's all in good fun. Don't forget, my high school had the worst mascot of all time, The Friars. So I can spot crappy mascots.

Texoma High School Battle Oklahoma Edition

Let's show some love to oma part of Texoma with our latest high school battle. Showing love to our southern border counties with Tillman, Cotton, and Jefferson.

Texoma High School Mascot Battle, Who Wins?

If you put all the mascots in Texoma up against each other in a fight, who comes out on top? I did a full breakdown on the science behind each logo this morning and we go from worst to first.

More Texoma High School Mascot Rankings

Today we go further into our mascot fight. Represented today is Wilbarger, Baylor, and Young counties. See where your favorite mascot lands in today's battle.

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