With the Wichita Falls Coyotes playoff game tonight, let's talk about the weird meme that has been shared MANY times this season.

If you're looking for a great Twitter follow in Wichita Falls, check out @its_just_chris. Chris has been calling the Coyote football games for years now and he also loves to share a good meme. He started sharing a photo this season of a weird ass drawing after Coyote's wins.

^That is what has been called Dub the Coyote. Chris has now even started getting Dub into other sports circles.

Oh did the Mavs win? They need their own Dub logo.

Oh, did America win in the World Cup? That's a Dub for you guys as well. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! (Please note, I have not seen any Dallas Cowboys or Dallas Stars Dubs made Chris and I need you to get to work on those)

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What the hell is Dub though? Where did this come from? Did one of Chris' kids make this thing? Nope,a grown man did this amazing drawing and no, it was not Chris.

Yes, Coyote Head Coach Free is the one responsible for this thing and Chris has just been running with it all season long. You know those stupid Cheese Heads that Packers fans wear to games?


Someone needs to find a way to turn Dub into a foam hat or something. We need Dub merch and if someone finds a way to make some. Please send some to the studio.

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