I was pretty upset when Sony cancelled the release of 'The Interview.' But they've now decided to release it anyway, and we've got details on where you can see it.

The Interview
Vernon Plaza Theatre via Facebook

So we will get to see 'The Interview' after all, but only at theaters willing to show the movie. Or should we say those theaters willing to take the risk of showing the movie.

As of right now the closet theater to Wichita Falls that will be playing the controversial movie is the Vernon Plaza Theatre in Vernon, Texas.

The Plaza officially announced that it would be showing 'The Interview' via their Facebook page on Tuesday afternoon. You can check out the announcement below.

While the theater is located 45 minutes away in Vernon, the trip would defiantly be worth it for any die hard Seth Rogen/James Franco fan, or anyone who wants to see what all the trouble is about.

Now the film will still be delayed from its original December 25 release date, but only by another week, so you look forward to seeing the movie when it hits the big screen in Vernon on January 2.

Haven't been keeping up with the news surrounding the upcoming movie or just kind of forgot what all the trouble was? Don't worry, we've got all the info right here.

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