Halloween is quickly approaching and if there is one thing that you need this year, it's a killer costume, and we know just were to get them!

Check out our list of some of the best Halloween stores right here in Wichita Falls below!

  • Wicked Andy's Scare Shop
    Wicked Andy's Scare Shop

    Wicked Andy's Scare Shop

    Wicked Andy's Scare Shop is your headquarters for all things Halloween. They have what you need to scare those pesky neighbors and make sure you have one heck of a time on Halloween night.

    You can grab costumes for the entire family at Wicked Andy's, but that's not all! They have everything ranging from unique collectors mask, special effects make-up and those spooky decorations to scare off all the local children.

    They even offer a costume rental service, so stop by and check out Wicked Andy's for all your Halloween needs

  • Spirit Halloween Store
    Spirit Halloween Store

    Spirit Halloween Store

    The Spirit Halloween Store only comes to town once a year, so you know they must have some of the best Halloween gear in town. It's almost a guarantee that you will find the perfect costume for you and the kids at this store.

    Whether you want to a superhero, a princess, a pirate, or something a little more adult themed, you'll find it at the Spirit Halloween store. So go check it out at the former Big 5 Sporting Goods store at 3808 Kemp Blvd.

  • Card and Party Factory
    Card and Party Factory

    Card & Party Factory

    Decorations, costumes and everything you need to throw the best Halloween party is exactly what you'll find at the Card and Party Factory.

    They have all of the latest costumes at low prices including the cutest princess costumes to the creepiest clown outfits you could imagine.

    And did we mention the decorations? They have everything you need to make your Halloween party the one people will be talking about all year long.

  • ThinkStock

    Walmart, Target and Kohl's

    Of course, you can always find a last minute costume at most major chain stores.

    So if you happen to be rushing to get a last minute costume for Halloween night, there's always stores like Walmart and Target to help you out. Plus Kohl's is even selling some costumes this year.

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