I honestly did not know who Jason Biggs was until this week.  Now that I do know who he is, I wish I could forget.  What I have discovered about this Hollyweird reject is that his big claim to fame is sticking his…uh…reproductive/urination part into a pie in a movie.  Classy, ain’t it?

Personally, I think the only reason some of these jackasses say and do what they do beyond the movie set is to ensure that they get a reset on their 15 minutes of fame.  This moron fired off a couple of offensive Tweet’s on August 29th aimed at Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan and his wife, Janna.  Glenn Beck’s The Blaze managed to get screen captures of the Tweet’s just before they were taken down.

Oh, but this literary genius just could not stop there.  He went on to take hits at Clint Eastwood, Christians in general and to remind the world that he did, in fact, engage in sexual intercourse with a pie.  I don’t spend much money at the movies.  This disgusting little troll makes me want to spend a whole lot less.

Gotta run!  Time to fire up some John Wayne DVD’s and a bag of microwave popcorn.  With extra butter, of course.