Ever wonder why police officers touch your car after they’ve pulled you over? 

Admittedly, I haven’t been pulled over very many times since I started driving back in the late '80s (knock on wood). And the times it has happened I was too busy trying to get my license and proof of insurance together (and freaking out a bit, to be honest with you) to pay attention to the officer approaching the vehicle.

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But if you ever watch body cam videos on YouTube, you’ll notice police officers typically touch the back of the car as they approach it after they’ve pulled someone over. 

To find out why the officers do this, I turned to trusty old Google. And wouldn’t you know, WikiHow came through with the answer. 

3 Reasons Why Texas Cops Touch the Back of the Vehicle During a Traffic Stop 

1. To leave behind fingerprints. Cops never know how a traffic stop will go, so they leave behind fingerprints as proof they were there if something happens to them. 

2. To make sure the trunk is completely shut. That way the officer doesn’t have to worry about someone who was hiding in the trunk attacking them from behind. 

3. To startle the occupants of the vehicle. Cops typically do this if they suspect drug use or some sort of foul play. The idea is to startle the people inside the vehicle enough that they will witness someone trying to hide drugs or paraphernalia or that they will come clean. 

So, don’t worry about it if an officer touches the back of your vehicle the next time you get pulled over. Unless, of course, you’re up to no good. In that case, worry about it.

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