As a Cowboys fan, you're obligated to hate the Eagles. Things have gotten ugly during these games in the past and Sunday is a huge game.

The NFL wants big matchups for their prime time games and it doesn't get much bigger than Philly/Dallas. Some classic matchups in this game on the field and off. In fact, the Cowboys have faced the Eagles more than any other opponent in the NFL. 116 times they have played and the Cowboys have won 65 of those games. The Cowboys only have more wins against one other opponent, the Redskins at 69.

The Eagles and Cowboys have met several times in the playoffs as well. One Wild Card game, two Divisional Playoff games and an NFC Championship game. The Cowboys once held a pretty epic win streak against the Eagles. From the 1967 to 1972 seasons, the Cowboys won eleven straight against them. That is the second-longest win streak against a single opponent in Cowboys history.

Since the NFC East became established the division has been up for grabs 47 times. The Eagles and Cowboys have combined to win it a total of 28 times. This game is huge on a Sunday and a win means a lot for the Boys. Especially giving the Eagles a loss while on top of the NFC East.

A win would also keep Dallas perfect against NFC East opponents this year and put them at 3-0 in the division. Also, put the Cowboys overall record at 5-3. A win on Sunday Night Football would be the 32nd time the Cowboys have won in that primetime slot. Which is the most all time.

Kickoff is set for 7:30 on Sunday and pregame will start at 6:30. You can listen to every Dallas Cowboys game on NewsTalk 1290. As always, Go Cowboys!

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