I’m glad I don’t have a dog in this fight because I would be mad, too.

I know a lot of Houston Oilers fans are still bitter over the team leaving for Tennessee after the 1996 season. And who can blame them? It always seemed to me that they were supportive of their team (with the exception of the final year when everyone knew they were moving).

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But there’s no denying the fans in Houston loved their football team. So much so that the city was without an NFL team for only 5 years before the Texans came along in 2002.

However, I imagine it’s not quite the same if you grew up rooting for the Oilers. In fact, if this article is to be believed, the Oilers still “reign supreme” in the hearts of Houston football fans.

I know if the tables were turned and my team was taken away and replaced with a different franchise a few years later, I would always be nostalgic about them. And I would most certainly consider it to be a slap in the face if the former franchise donned throwback uniforms from when they were still in my city.

And that’s exactly what the Tennessee Titans are planning on doing.

According to Chron, the Titans will wear Houston Oilers throwbacks in the 2023 season. And to make things worse, the team is leaning toward wearing them when they play Houston.

Now that’s going to hurt.

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