Due to an incorrectly attributed historical picture, many people who think they have a tattoo of the legendary gunslinger Doc Holliday are in for a surprise.

When you google "Doc Holliday Tattoos", you're going to see two common things: tattoos of Val Kilmer as Doc from 'Tombstone' (a role that should have nabbed Kilmer at least an Oscar nomination) and a photo regularly attributed in many historical texts and articles as being Doc:

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The "historical" picture of Doc Holliday is a common tattoo, used by many as a symbol of Southern rebellious pride, probably most famously by former WWE wrestler Dennis Knight (top picture). Unfortunately, the historical photo isn't actually John 'Doc' Holliday. The Tombstone, AZ Chamber of Commerce has released this picture warning people about the historical snafu, identifying the man in the picture as John Escapule, an early settler of Tombstone from France and the ancestor of current Tombstone mayor Dusty Escapule,

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Its easy to see why people would mistake Escapule for Doc Holliday as he looks a lot like what we've envisioned the former dentist to look like after the multitude of TV and movie representations. Truth be told, he looks like a dead ringer for Michael Biehn's portrayal of Johnny Ringo in 'Tombstone'. But what we tend to forget is that Escapule looks far too healthy in his picture for it to be a man suffering from tuberculosis, which ultimately killed Holliday six years after the famous gunfight at the O.K. Corral. When you see the side-by-side comparison of the mistaken picture and a confirmed picture of Doc, its easy to see the difference,

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Do you know someone who has a tattoo of John Escapule? Forward this post to them and we'll break the bad news.