One woman shared a side-by-side video of her boss doing a mass Zoom lay off which was eerily similar to a scene from Succession.

On May 9, 2023, TikTok user @FilmByVictoria was laid off in the major Paramount brands layoff which included 25% of their United States-based employees. She filmed the layoff which was held over Zoom by their leader who let go numerous people at once, something right out of a bad Succession episode. As an editor, she put the Zoom call alongside a clip from the hit HBO series.

"Hey everyone, we've been assessing our content and our programming strategies to really take a look at our teams and our processes to make sure as a department we were operating efficiently," a blurred leader told employees. "So unfortunately, as part of that assessment, many members of the Comedy Central social team have been impacted. Um, so, you know, I know this is a tremendous amount to hear and digest. I really thank you for all of your work and everything you brought to the table for comedy. Thank you and take care of yourselves, alright? More soon."

Victoria played moments from her call alongside the scene from Season 4 Episode 7 entitled "Tailgate Party" where the character Greg Hirsch, portrayed by Nicholas Braun was laying off departments at the same time via Zoom.

"I'm here to inform you that Waystar Royco has been looking at a range of different options," the character said. "In order to drastically reduce costs and a very difficult decision to restructure the ATN operation has been taken in order to protect the future of the business. But if you're on this call this is confirmation that you are part of the unlucky group who are having their contract terminated with immediate effect. Obviously, I can't take questions on this call but this is a very sad day and I thank you for your time today and your service to Waystar Royco."

"They could have at least paid for Greg to do a Cameo to break the news," one user wrote in response to the video. Numerous people were confused when the leader concluded the call with the phrase, "more soon." More than a handful of others claimed that they were let go using a similar script.

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