Seriously, Buc-ee's just needs to run this as an ad. It makes we want to go.

Some people really hate TikTok, but I suggest you check it out if you need a good laugh. Yes, more than the stupid TikTok dances exist on there. For instance, the Crabman 732. His real name appears to be Ross Childs. It looks like he travels around the country and shows off different pit stops.

I guess this guy is a trucker with some free time to make all these fake commercials? I don't know what to call this, but it shows off everything that the pit stop has. Us here in Texas know how big Buc-ee's is and it has a lot to show off. All the delicious food, the crazy amount of Buc-ee's merch, and gas pumps. Boy oh boy, does Buc-ee's have a lot of gas pumps.

Ross is at the location in Katy, Texas. That one has the world's longest car wash. I really want to drive there just to get my truck washed one day. Maybe I need to plan a road trip to Houston. Also the way this guy pronounces certain words is hilarious. Things like jalapenos and toilet.

You may also notice that he calls Beaver Nuggets heaven balls. Those things are good, but I always end up eating way too much and put myself into a sugar coma. Also I noticed something called Tiger Butter? What the hell is that? Apparently peanut butter fudge. Guess I have to add that now to my Buc-ee's shopping list.

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