Does your career or job have a day named after it? We do, and today is our day, National Disc Jockey Day!

The first person credited with play a disc of recorded music over the Radio was 16-year-old Ray Newby back in 1909. He was a student at the College of Engineering and Wireless at the time and it was done mostly as an experiment. That experiment proved successful and modern Radio was born. Radio went through several stages before it became what it is today and included the years of Radio Theater when live actors would perform dramas in the studio to be broadcast over the airwaves. These were frequently sponsored by soap manufacturers and the term Soap Opera took hold.


Dave Diamond


Once TV came around the Soap Operas moved over to the video side of things and Radio went back to playing more recorded music.

The term Disc Jockey, or DJ, came about in the mid '30s and is usually credited to Walter Winchell, it first appeared in print in a 1941 Variety magazine. National Disc Jockey Day is officially set aside to honor legendary 1950s Disc Jockey, Alan Freed. According to most sources, he's the person who first coined the term Rock & Roll.

How does one celebrate National Disc Jockey Day? Well, you're doing it right now by visiting this station's website and listening to us on the Radio ... or your computer ... or streaming us on your mobile app ... or even listening on Alexa. We're not picky, we're just happy to share the music we love with you.



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