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This morning many of you will go to the polls to cast your votes for President of the United States, U S Senator, and more.  Much has been said about this election being most important, historic, etc...,.  Yes, it is historic, yes it is; very likely, the most important we’ve had in our lifetime.  Yes, the outcome of today’s election will have a major impact on our nation.  The question is, just what will that impact be?

As a 40 something father and husband, I have many of the same concerns you have for our country, our families and our economy.  I make no secret about where I stand politically.   From a purely political standpoint, I’m a conservative first, a Republican second.   It’s a stance that has caused me some grief with a few of my Republican brethren, but not enough for me to worry about in the least.  Yes, the senate races around the country are equally as critical.  If you have family or friends in key states that are in play, please, please, please call them, text them email them and encourage them to support conservative candidates!

Mr. Romney was not my first choice for a candidate on the Republican ticket.  But he is our choice.  He is our candidate.  And I believe he is our best hope for getting our nation back on solid ground.  The past four years have been very sad for our country.  We are less secure; we’ve lost more liberties, and have seen our economy stagnate as never before.

I'm barely old enough to remember Jimmy Carter in the White House.  My grandmother, who was a solid Roosevelt Democrat, ranted, raved and cussed like a sailor over the mindless decisions of Carter.   She switched parties and got behind Ronald Reagan in 1980 and never looked back.  She didn’t live to see his second term, but no doubt would’ve supported him.  What we’ve seen under Barack Obama is even more destructive, divisive and polarizing than anything Carter could have even imagined.

His associations with the likes of Bill Ayers, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, Rashid Khalidi and others, should have raised dozens of red flags back in 2008.  And they did, but the mainstream media chose to largely ignore or trivialize them.  Clearly, a considerable number of voters paid no attention to the man, only the magic; the smoke and mirrors routine was all anyone saw.  We were so determined to shed ourselves of the Bush era, so hell-bent on marginalizing Sarah Palin, and so fatigued by war, that we just could not see Obama for what he really was and still is: an ill-advised, socialist, communist-fed and Islamic influenced ‘community organizer’ who was no more qualified to lead the nation than a house cat.  He wasn't Bush and he would be our nation's 'first black president'. Could no one consider his obvious lack of any leadership ability?

What I find even more difficult to believe is the number of people who still seem to be mesmerized by this man.  Why?  Unemployment is again flirting with 8 percent (the real number is likely closer to 13 to 15 percent-the official numbers don’t count the folks who’ve given up seeking employment).  Tensions in the Middle East couldn’t be higher, with Iran’s half-cocked ‘president’ constantly threatening to turn Israel into a pile of rubble.  Gas prices were $1.83 the day BHO took office; today, we’re at $3.15.  The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as it has been dubbed, is a whole other problem.  The cost projections have swelled not by millions, but billions to trillions.

Those of you who are on the fence, in the middle of the road, undecided, I offer this plea: please ask yourself one question-how many poor people have ever offered you a job?  Much has been made about Mitt Romney’s wealth.  The Obama’s are far from poor or even middle class.   Don’t look for them at the mall anytime soon.  Mitt Romney, as far as I can tell, made his money honest.  He didn’t rob anyone at gunpoint or confiscate anyone else’s wealth.  When and where has Barack Obama ever held a job?  How are you so certain he can relate to you better than Romney?

Our nation is drowning in debt.  We are on the brink of another Great Depression.  Cheap fuel is what built this country.  We need the Keystone Pipeline.  We need new refineries.  We need more domestic production.  We need to cut all ties with OPEC-they are pure poison.  Diesel fuel is over $4 per gallon nationwide.  Diesel is what drives our economy-literally.  Trains and trucks that bring you clothes, shoes, computers, cell phones and cars cannot operate without it.  What has Obama offered to alleviate the issues?  Solyndra (failed-bankrupt-billions lost), Satcon and dozens of others that have done nothing but rape, rob and pillage the public treasury.

Mr. Obama brings nothing to the table, save a few feel-good words and phrases that are road worn and out of steam.  Mr. Romney does bring a wealth of experience and knowledge for business as well as government leadership experience (he served as a governor).  What you must do is allow yourself to let go of any doubts, any notions of simply settling for the status quo or the proverbial ‘lesser of two evils’.  Let’s put our country first.  Let’s put our children and grandchildren’s futures first.  Let’s make Mitt Romney the next President of the United States.  Then, the real work begins: we must ALL push, prod and encourage this man to become the kind of statesman and leader we need. Today, vote for Mitt Romney.


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