Come on, how can you say no to Tony Hawk?

Certain athletes transcend the sports that they're a part of. For instance, I don't watch golf, but I know who Tiger Woods is. If you asked someone to name a professional skateboarder, the first name that would come to mind for many is Tony Hawk. This man got so many kids into skateboarding and to this day seems like a really nice guy.

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Well Tony is trying to get the Garland City Council to honor a different professional skateboarder with their skate park they recently opened. Back in October of 2022, the City of Garland unveiled The Boneyard skate park to the community. The park is 46,000 square feet and is the second biggest skate park of its kind in Texas.

What Tony, and many in Garland, are requesting the park be named after local professional skateboarder Jon Comer. Now Jon's story is heartbreaking to here, he was hit by a car when he was just four-years-old in his Garland neighborhood. Jon lost his leg, but this did not stop him from skateboarding. You may have seen a documentary on his life called "Never Been Done".

Jon was the first professional skateboarder ever to compete with a prosthetic leg. According to many folks who saw Jon back in the day, they had no idea he had lost his leg. He was so smooth on a skateboard you didn't notice the prosthetic. Jon sadly passed away at 43 back in 2019 and his former teammate made a video this week for the Garland City Council.

“To honor him in his hometown of Garland, Texas, would be huge,” Hawk said “I encourage you to do so. And I promise you will not regret it. His friends and family will thank you for it. Please keep his legacy alive.” Maybe if the city council doesn't want to rename the park after him, they can at least put up some kind of memorial.

You got to do something, you don't want to disappoint Tony Hawk.

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