Would you like to see a Trader Joe’s open here in Wichita Falls? 

I must confess to being a fan of the grocery store chain, even though I have only been to one. When vacationing in Santa Fe in the summer of 2021, my wife and I made it a point to stop at Trader Joe’s there before we left town. 

I had heard so many good things about the chain that I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to see what the hype was all about. And let me tell you, it took all of about two minutes of browsing through the store to get why it had developed such a cult following.

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I did my due diligence ahead of time and searched online for articles that highlighted their most popular items, so I had an idea of what to try from there (the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups were fantastic). 

The best part about Trader Joe’s in my opinion is that you can get all these exclusive items at a reasonable price. That’s what corporate types call a “win-win.” 

At the moment, folks here in Wichita Falls have to drive a couple of hours to the Metroplex to get to the closest Trader Joe’s. The closest stores are in Southlake and Fort Worth. 

If you would like for that change and get our own location here in The Falls, head over to TraderJoes.com and fill out the “Request a Trader Joe's in My City” form in the “contact us” section. 

It’s worth a try.

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