Police detectives have a hard job. They have to spend every day looking for the equivalent of a needle in a haystack to make their cases. They have to endure the emotional pain and torture left in the victims of horrific crimes. The leads alone that they have to find just to achieve the basic principles of justice can reduce the toughest of men to tears.

Some crimes, however, present their own solution and prevent a lot of needless paperwork.

Take, for instance, a meth lab cook who was driving a mobile meth lab in his truck with the words "meth lab" written on the back window, according to WMC-TV.

Police pulled the vehicle over on Friday morning for "driving with antique issued license plates." A quick check of the driver's registration revealed he was currently on probation for methamphetamine manufacturing.

Officers obtained the right to search the car and found a "Shake N Bake" bottle used in mobile meth labs for distribution. They also found some other ingredients for making meth in the cab of the truck.

The unidentified 43-year-old driver faces new charges of meth manufacturing and driving with a suspended license.