Well let my childhood nightmares start up again.

When I was seven-years-old a movie gave me some of the worst nightmares of my life. That movie was 'Twister'. I have already written many times before about how much this movie scared the crap out of me. That opening scene with dad getting sucked out of the storm shelter is burned into my brain.

The beauty of this movie. I don't think a lot of kids today know what the hell it is Sure it was one of the biggest movies of the 90's. Would your average kid born in 2008 and beyond know this movie? I don't think so. Well good news children. A 'Twister' movie for a new generation will begin filming next year. According to Deadline, the plan is to bring Helen Hunt back.


The movie will follow her daughter who has caught the storm chasing bug that her mother had. Since Bill Paxton passed away back in 2017, the plan is for the daughter to be Hunt's and Paxton's kid. So it looks like after the first movie things went somewhat well for the couple. The plan is to start filming in the spring of 2023. Hopefully, the crew actually shoots on site in Oklahoma like they did for the first movie.

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The studio is currently looking for a director for the film. I know some folks would probably want the original director, but he hasn't really directed anything in almost two decades. So maybe a big budget Hollywood movie is out for him. We will wait and see how everything goes. I will not be seeing this movie, when it comes out. I have enough trauma in my life without having to relive Twister nightmares.

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