Way to set an example, parents and coaches.

Tempers flared during a couple of separate youth football games in El Paso over the weekend, according to News 4 San Antonio. However, instead of the players getting into it as you would expect, it was adult coaches and parents.

The first fight started after the game between the Rams and the Sharks when one of the coaches attacked the other team’s coach. That’s when all hell broke loose as coaches and parents rushed onto the field to get in on the action.

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I’ve been to many youth sporting events in my life and have never seen anything like that. So, you have to figure organizers thought that would be the end of hostilities. But, of course, they were wrong.

Yet another brawl broke out while the Knights and Broncos were playing. It’s not clear how that fight started, but the end result was the same – a melee in the middle of the field.

As a result, the rest of the day’s games were canceled, which is a damn shame. Those kids put in a lot of work to prepare for those games only to be denied by the actions of a bunch of – ahem – adults.

The report says that security wasn’t present during the games – nor should it have to be, for that matter. However, security has been requested for the remaining games of the season.

Hopefully, this will be the end of fisticuffs between adults at youth sporting events, but you and I both know better than that.

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