Two-year-old Ava Kendal of Houston is lucky to be alive after doctors removed nine small magnetized balls, similar to the now-banned toy called Buckyballs, from the young girl's stomach.

According to KVUE, Ava's mother Lexi Kendall had brought her in to urgent care when she became sick and they diagnosed her with the stomach flu. But her mother's instincts kicked in and she took Ava to the emergency room.

That's where a scan showed nine magnetized balls in her small intestines.

Ava Kendal
Ava Kendal (Photo: GoFundMe)

She knew immediately that the objects where part of a gift her husband had gotten from Sweden. It was sitting on top of his desk -- a place they never imagined their daughter could reach.

Ava was rushed to Texas Children's Hospital for a four-hour surgery.

Lexi Kendall now wants to get the word out about the danger of this product that they didn't even know was banned. The toy was brought from Sweden by her father, but similar products are now banned in the U.S. by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Doctors expect Ava to make a full recovery, but they have not told the family when Ava should be released from the hospital. If you'd like to help, Ava visit her GoFundMe page.