I have been watching the proceedings of the Senate and I have to say this is the worst waste of time and money I know of. All they do is stand up there and read stories about how bad things were back when the unemployment benefits extensions were in Johnson's time as President, give me a break, that is not helping to get the extensions we need now. Of course if you are one of the millionairs that are in Washington debating whether or not we need an extension I guess it doesn't matter to them.

They are like a bunch of kids always fighting and acting like they should be home and not in a position where they can really hurt people.

I have never drawn unemployment in my life and it is for the pits for those who think we enjoy it. I don't know how to play the system to get welfare and wouldn't take it if I did. That is the program that needs to be revamped and the able bodied people on it should have to be out there working. We on unemployment however cannot find a job or can't be hired because we are too old the employers think, when we are the ones that show up every day to work ON TIME, DON'T USE EXCUSES NOT TO.

Harry Reid stands up there and accuses everyone on the other side of not wanting to work with them and then you get all of his cronies in on the discussion and you want to reach through the television and slap the crap out of them all.

When the votes comes in that the bill did not pass Reid stands up there and laughs about no one wanting to work together, for God's sake people stop it and get something accomplished and forget about you petty fights. You all make me sick, and sorry that I even voted for any of you, I used to be a registered Democrat but not anymore thanks to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, I don't want to be in their house.

Nancy Dye
Chambersburg, PA

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