I always thought of 6th Street as a pretty chill area to hang out in Austin. And while it may have been that way in the past, it damn sure isn’t anymore.

For me, hanging out on 6th Street was all about taking in the music scene back when I was a younger lad. You would hear live music blasting out of many clubs there and those who weren’t hosting a live show at that very moment were blasting their jukeboxes.

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Those were some fun times.

These days, however, 6th Street is known for more than just good music. Nowadays you can plan on witnessing a fight or two while you’re in the vicinity. It seems like every time I turn around, there’s another video making the rounds of some brawl that broke out on 6th Street.

Today we’ll look at a couple of different brawls that broke out over there recently. The first involves a group of “ladies” who decided to throw down right there in the middle of the street. The second involves a couple of women who started going at it as soon as the cops arrived.

The fact that there just so happens to be a high-quality video camera on hand when all of this happens is a bit odd to me. Regardless, it’s just over sixty seconds of mindless entertainment that will, if nothing else, remind you that your day wasn’t so bad after all.

Enjoy the fights as well as some of the hilarious reactions on Twitter below.

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