I think we have all been sick of seeing that building just sitting there, but finally we're seeing a plan.

When I first moved to Wichita Falls, this building on Southwest Parkway was an Albertsons. Then it became Cash Saver, who sadly closed in 2019. What is going into the old grocery store? A NEW grocery store. However, it's a name we all know and love in Wichita Falls. That would be a new United Supermarket location.

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The plan is to hopefully have it open by early 2023, according to KAUZ. It will bring in 200 jobs into the new location and this will be our fourth United location in Wichita Falls. Remember Market Street on Kell is a part of the United Family. I didn't know this until a couple of years ago, but Wichita Falls was the first ever city to get a Market Street.


Pretty crazy that the company that started in Lubbock gave our city it's first new store. Hopefully everything goes as scheduled and the store opens next year. I am sure the folks who live in the area will be grateful that the building is finally being put to use and they won't have to drive as far for groceries if they were already shopping at United.

We still have some other buildings in Wichita Falls that I would love to see filled up. I'm surprised that El Fenix hasn't been taken over by someone yet. It's also nice to see some work done on the old Jalapeno Tree. What other buildings do you want to see with new tenants in Wichita Falls?

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