The story surfaced yesterday on Facebook and on the street: a woman was the victim of a bizarre 'attack' with a drug-laced business card. News Talk 1290's Joe Tom White has followed up on the story and has discovered it was nothing more than a hoax.

Joe Tom spoke with a Wichita Falls Police Department spokesperson who said the story was "absolutely a hoax".  The exact origin of the message is not clear, but an alleged screen shot of a text message was making the rounds on Facebook yesterday and set off a panic around the community.

The text claims a woman was approached at the Wal Mart on Greenbriar (off Southwest Parkway) by a man claiming to be a painter looking for work.  She declined his work offer but he handed her a business card.  After leaving the store, the woman became dizzy and pulled over only to discover the man was following her.  The text claims police had determined the card was coated with a form of an alleged 'date rape' drug.  Police have no record or report of any such incident or an investigation of a contaminated card.