Well I thought we would have flying cars by now, but I don't think Wichita Falls can control that. What do you think happens to Wichita Falls in 2030?

So the city of Wichita Falls is asking citizens to fill out a survey for what they would want to see happen to Wichita Falls over the next few years. They ask some basic questions about you and your opinion on things in the city right now. It will maybe take you ten minutes to fill it out. English survey is here and the Spanish survey is here.

Obviously, the more responses the city gets, that will give them a better representation of what folks want to happen to Wichita Falls. This is the second time the city has asked for what the citizens want. In 2018, they said Falls Future represented the strategy put in place by the community.

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"The catalysts which came from that plan included: a vibrant downtown, new and modern schools, stronger affiliations with Sheppard Air Force Base, the Talent Partnership, best practices in Economic Development, and the creation of Bike Wichita Falls."

So fill out the survey and let them know what you want to happen in Wichita Falls. By the way, if anyone wants to franchise out a Babe's Chicken to Wichita Falls. I would greatly appreciate that.

Also if we could somehow get the Dallas Cowboys to come back for some sort of anniversary thing, that would also be appreciated by me.

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