When looking at what is the alcohol preference for Texans, the most popular response will likely not surprise you.

As reported by Ranker, the social app BARTRENDr compiled data from over 700,000 users to determine the most popular drinks in each state. While some states were split between two or three different drinks, the number one drink in the Lone Star state is not much of a surprise since its pretty much a cultural and pop culture icon, and one of the most prevalent drinks on the list.

Keep in mind, this isn't talking about mixed drinks you'd order at a bar or restaurant, but just good ol' bottled spirits that you can buy off the shelf at your local Walmart any day of the week... except in Texas. COME ON TEXAS! GET WITH IT!

Drink (Multiple Drinks means at tie)
Alabama Jack Daniels
Alaska Fireball
Arizona Evan Williams
Arkansas Fireball
California Jack Daniels
Colorado Bacardi
Connecticut Patron
Delaware Crown Royal
Florida Jack Daniels
Georgia Jack Daniels
Hawaii Jack Daniels
Captain Morgan, Fireball, & Jagermeister
Illinois Evan Williams
Indiana Jameson
Crown Royal, Parton, & Jagermeister
Kansas Jack Daniels
Crown Royal & Jagermeister
Louisiana Crown Royal
Maine Fireball
Fireball & Svedka Vodka
Massachusetts Hennessy
Michigan Jim Beam
Minnesota Fireball
Mississippi Fireball
Missouri Fireball
Montana Jack Daniels
Nebraska Fireball
Nevada Crown Royal
New Hampshire No Listing
New Jersey Patron
New Mexico Fireball
New York Hennessy
North Carolina Jack Daniels
North Dakota Jack Daniels
Ohio Fireball
Oklahoma Crown Royal
Oregon Jose Cuervo
Pennsylvania Jameson
Rhode Island Fireball
South Carolina George Dickel
South Dakota Jack Daniels
Tennessee Jack Daniels
Texas Jack Daniels
Utah Jack Daniels
Vermont Jack Daniels
Virginia Grey Goose
Washington Patron
West Virginia Jack Daniels
Wisconsin Captain Morgan
Wyoming Fireball

So, what is your poison of choice?